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Trixie and Boo, Clients since 2007

Trixie and Boo, Clients since 2007


While my husband and I are at work or traveling, we do so with complete peace of mind knowing that Fur, Fins and Feathers will provide reliable, loving care for our dogs, Boo and Trixie. We have used Fur, Fins and Feathers for the past 7 years.We highly recommend Fur, Fins and Feathers! Lin & Andy, Boo & Trixie’s Owner

May is National Pet Awareness Month


May is National Pet Month, a time to highlight the benefits of pet ownership. Traditionally, improved quality of life–for both the pet and owner–has been the main benefit of introducing a pet into your home. However, new information indicates owning and caring for a pet may provide a wellness boost, too. Alexandra Gekas, in her article “10 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet,” writes how pet ownership may help to decrease depression, stress and anxiety as well as decrease your blood pressure. 10 Benefits of Pet Ownership

April is Pet First Aid Month

Download the American Red Cross Pet First Aid App
When an emergency occurs, it is important to provide the appropriate aid to your pet as quickly as possible. The Pet First Aid App, developed by the Red Cross, provides this critical first aid information at your fingertips. The “Resources” tab will provide information to download the app.